“Deepti” – who bets to be different than other Navodayans!!

Here is a wonderful success story of a brave village girl from Navodaya Family- “DEEPTI”

The IFS aspirant did her schooling from the Jawhar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Pedavegi, in West Godavari district and engineering from the Vasavi College of Engineering, Hyderabad. Deepti is the first woman from the State to join the IFS after a gap of 25 years in 2005.

Telling the story of the village girl, a determined young girl grown up to become a Navodaya’s success story. She was not having colorful childhood but she brought back colors to her sorrowful face. Her journey to find her goal made her to move beyond the spirit.

For a child, mother is everything to share the basic ‘facts of life’ to feel relaxed and confident, but she lost her mother in very teen age. Just think for a moment, how tough the child life is without mother ? Tears burst from eyes when we see a little baby struggling without her mother. How could she grow from childhood to teen, without the love of her mother? Though her life was miserable without her mom, but she was determined and even this could not stop her. She kept on going and all can see and feel proud of her success. I am sure, today if her mother would be alive, she could be feeling proud and happy to see her rising.

I know no one can fill the loss of mother but the love and care she got from her grandparents, never let her feel the absence of mother in achieving a landmark.
Deepti’s words to justify her decision quoted below:

“I decided to pitch for the IFS as it gives me enough scope to project the huge cultural and social richness of the country to the outside world!”

It’s not surprising that Deepti’s example has resulted in many girls participating not only in the navodaya family, but to the all village girls and guys.

Note: Thank you Pranaypunj bhaiya for providing the info.


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3 thoughts on ““Deepti” – who bets to be different than other Navodayans!!

  1. SAGAR

    it is nice to hear such a wonderful success story.iam proud to be a navodaya student.

  2. Its nice to hear such a wonderful success story . Keep it up………………..

  3. Shankar Panaganti

    Good to hear that u r first IFS girl from navodaya family.congrats… allthe best…

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