I often wonder Why can’t every teacher be like him!

Whether he knows a thing or two about alchemy or not, I am not sure about that. But there can’t be any denying the fact that he applies himself like a catalyst for his students and makes sure they come up trumps in their respective walks of life!

This man is a phenomenon and has given new meaning to the relationship that exists between a master and his disciple. He doesn’t believe in creating a shell around himself rather he believes in smashing them to pieces so that he could facilitate his presence, experience, care and warmth to his wards.

I have seen him from very close quarters and I can say it with conviction that he has never seen any student with prejudiced eyes. He loves to devote his time for those who want to prosper. Besides he takes equal pleasure in attending to those students’ problems that are considered worthless and are literally avoided by the best of the teachers. This quality sets him apart from most of the others who limit themselves to mere petty regular things. And people he is not a one day wonder, he has been doing these things on his own for a long long time.

He always has laid emphasis on making each student understand his real worth. He devises various innovative methods; share his ideas with students to bring out the best in them. Besides he always has believed that a teacher’s job is to incline a student towards his field of interest. And this line of thinking has paid dividends. I personally know more than 50 students who got benefited from his forthright suggestions. Whether someone recognizes his deeds or not he keeps on going about his task without any hint of fatigue or displeasure. He takes solace in his students’ successes. For him there arrival to the forefront means everything. Every time he comes to know about any student’s achievement he is the happiest man on the earth…

This gentleman was always there for us and now even when we are out of the confines of the vidyalaya he still manages to keep an eye literally on each one of us! And to add that he welcomes us to vidyalaya, sides himself to the corner and let us command the stage and share our experiences of successes and failures with juniors. This practice has done a world of good to my vidyalaya. When everyone wants to hog the lime light he refuses to become the cynosure of all the eyes. Doesn’t it sound incredible! We can’t get enough of him. In true senses he rules our heart! I often wonder Why can’t every teacher be like him!

Well, I am also among those fortunate who benefited a lot from this energetic and a very positive soul. I proudly owe all my success to him. Hats off Sir! U r in real senses a friend, philosopher and guide for all of us. I wish I could imbibe some of ur good qualities and serve the nation in the right earnest. I remember, once I sought some unsought favour from you and what u did after that changed my life completely. U wrote to my maa a letter and told her to make me know one thing ” sidhiyan unke liye yathest hain jinhe sirf chato tak jana hai, jinki nigahe ho aasman pe unhe apna rasta khud banana hai.” These golden words puts me back on the track whenever I look for shortcuts. I will ever be indebted for ur invaluable teachings sir.

I want to use this platform to let Navodaya know that his kind of teachers are assets for the country. We must not forget gems like him ever.

He is our Librarian Sir (R.K.Sinha), Supaul Navodaya.

Love u sir!

Thx and Regards
Gaurav Anand

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One thought on “I often wonder Why can’t every teacher be like him!

  1. Prashant Garg

    Really Gaurav,
    Every one is having same feeling from depth of heart for him but this time you have exposed to all. I am agreeing with you.
    Inside his office he is a Librarian….But out Side he is itself an Encyclopedia…of knowledge and morals. I am lucky one because I have discovered my self in his guidance.

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