Exeprience of my first workshop : Part I

Developing the right understanding about one-self and the rest of reality through self – exploration and realization of the inherent, co-existence, harmony & self-regulation at various levels in existence is seen to be the real basis for imbibing universal human values and ethical human conduct.

This topic is about all of us and draws attention to various fundamental aspects concerning human life and human happiness.it presents a set of proposals so that we may start exploring our own self and our experience of living.

Objectives of this forum:

1. transfer of something for appreciate the essential complementarily between ‘values’ & ‘skills’ to ensure sustained happiness and prosperity which are the core aspirations of all human beings.

2. to develop a holistic prospective among human beings towards life and profession as well as towards happiness &prosperity based on a correct understanding of the human reality and rest of existence.

3. to highlight plausible implications of such a holistic understanding in terms of etical human conduct,trustful and mutually fulfilling human behaviour and mutually enriching interaction with nature.

On self investigation we find out that we want to be in harmony at all levels of our living;

* harmony in myself 9resulting in happiness & a feeling of prosperity)
* harmony in family(resulting in mutual fulfillment in relationship and prosperity in the family)
* harmony in society (resulting in a trustful,undivided ,universal society)
* harmony in nature(resulting in being in harmony with nature,understanding the inherent co-existence)

We have traversed a long way from the times of warring tribes and the fair of natural elements.while we have made tremendous advancements and innovations,the question still remains -ARE WE SATISFIED WITH THE STATE OF AFFAIRS TODAY? on looking into this issue ,it becomes evident taht we are still faced with serious problems at various levels. At the human level ,we can see that there continue to be issues in individuals with respect to lack of clarity on life goals,contradictions and stress, while at the level of human relationships in the family we see problems in mutual understanding ,increasing mistrust,insecurity & generation gap. Further at the level of human relationships in society we see increasing communal conflict, exploitation & strife, terrorism and violence in various forms.

Where then lies solution? What exactly is a miss? This is an important question intriguing the human mind today. I MYSELF ALSO THOUGHT FOR SAME BUT AFTER ATEENDING ‘JEEVAN VIDYA WORKSHOP’ MOST OF THE SOLUTIONS AND ALTERNATIVES CAME INFRONT OF ME.AND I WANT TO SHARE MY EXPERIENCE TO ALL OF U.i have spent my eight days (4th feb 2010 to 11 feb 2010) in workshop.

My didi (Rewa) had told me that you should attend this workshop, then in my mind i had no doubt about this, what is this and for me what is its value?but before leaving my college for this workshop some problems had to face from my beloved friends.

When my friends asked me where you are going for this long time then i told them taht i am going to attend  a workshop in kanpur named as ‘JEEAVN VIDYA’,they intially make all fun and told that it also like ‘YES PLUS’ which was going on in my college in those days, and they said taht you are going for taking away the ‘MOH-MAYA’ so “MUKTI”. because in IITs such type of incidents regularly happened but I was totally committed for this so i have left my college…..contd.

Avnish Kumar
ISM Dhanbad.
JNV Vikram, Patna

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2 thoughts on “Exeprience of my first workshop : Part I

  1. Hmmmm…. thank you bachcha for posting 1st episode here. Waiting more from you.

    I appreciate your commitment. Your commitment and determination within your own heart, is a visible aspect of your confidence that others can clearly see.

    with love
    your didi.

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