Exeprience of my first workshop : Part II

….When I reached at workshop place then I was amazed that so many IITians are involved for this work and they are doing all type of work which is understood a low quality work for an IITian.

After this, a great shocking thing came in my way, I had thought that in workshop all the people will be of my age, but this workshop was for professors and lecturers op UP colleges, so due to age gap I thought that how i will communicate with them. But in inauguration ceremony, when Dr. R. R. Gaur sir (ex-faculty of IITD), most respected prof. G.P. Bagaria sir (alumnus of IITK) told about the subject matter, then my interest suddenly awake and I m totally prepared for that. During all these my bhaiya (kumar Sambhav, IITK) was telling time to time about this, so, my confusion was not totally but in some extent washed out.

NOW, I am going to share my experience what I could understand in those eight days day by day.

DAY 1: on the first day I could understand about the workshop objective and methodology. Understanding of ethical human conduct necessary for happiness in life. What to make me satisfied? Must be understood. It is free from any dogma or value prescriptions and totally process of self-investigation and self-exploration.

DAY 2: I could understand about need of VE (value education).what to do and how to do ‘FOR HAPPINESS’ and the complementarily between the two.

Process of VE is self -exploration, self-investigation and experientially verifiable. I became able to understand about myself and happiness.

HAPPINESS: The state or situation, i live in if there is harmony /synergy in it, I like to be in that situation.

self (I)-OVER EVALUATION creates EGO
the bottom two go cycle to cycle.

DAY 3: I have been able to differentiate I and BODY.I having activities like desire, thought and selection which are continuous, while body having activities like eating, walking which are discontinuous. All the participants totally confused and different types of questions were arising in all of mind. The basic requirements for fulfillment of the basic aspirations of every human being are: 1. right understanding 2. Relationship & 3. Physical facilities.

Today’s prevailing notion about prosperity-
* maximization of physical facilities, think that is it good notion?

DAY 4: most valuable day of workshop which clarified the concept about self (I). Harmony in myself results by the REALISATION and UNDERSTANDING. This leads to definiteness of DESIRE, THOUGHT & SELECTION. First two are parts of SHIKSHA while the last three are parts of SANSKAR. Sources of desire may be PRE-CONDITIONING (MANYATA), SENSATION OR SELF-VERIFICATION. I could also understand about ‘SANYAM’.
SANYAM- feeling of responsibility in self (I) of nurturing, protection & right utilization of body so that this instrument can be used for the purpose for which it is meant.

Need of physical facility is limited in quantity.

DAY5: in past four days so many confusions, discussion, questions like a small kid people arise in the workshop. But I had still very calm, because I was the younger one in the workshop people always watching on me may be my stitched mouth be open. In the break time one of them asked me why I do not speak anything. I did not reacted .it was the day of washing out of all confusions from every mind. Subject matter was about FAMILY (natural laboratory and learning ground).family is the foundation of society, and provides the basis of continuity of human tradition on the earth. Some feelings in relationship are present and these are definite. Once the feeling are recognised, fulfilled and rightly evaluated, it leads to mutual happiness, that is to say, both are happy.

1. Trust (vishwas)-foundation value in all relationships.
2. Respect (samman)-right evaluation
3. Affection (sneh)-the feeling of acceptance of the other as one’s relative.
4. Care (mamta)-the feeling of responsibility of nurturing and protecting the other as myself.
5. Guidance (vatsalya) -the feeling of ensuring right understanding in the other.
6. Reverence (shraddha) – the feeling of acceptance for the excellence.
7. Glory (gaurava) – the feeling for those who have made effort for excellence.
8. Gratitude (kritagyata) – the feeling of acceptance for those who have made effort for my excellence.
9. Love (prem) – the comprehensive value. The feeling of being related to all, to every unit in existence, the entire existence.

I could understand that all the feelings are already within me and all of them-understanding only makes us aware and once we are aware of it, there is continuity of these feelings and we are able to fulfill them.

In intention, every human being wants to do what is right: only the competence may be lacking which needs to be developed through proper understanding & practice. Every human being has natural acceptance for expanding up to world family through this feeling of love, but due to lack of understanding of relationship, one is not able to ensure a relationship of mutual fulfillment with one’s family members…..contd.

Avnish Kumar
ISM, Dhanbad
JNV Vikram, Patna

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5 thoughts on “Exeprience of my first workshop : Part II

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  4. anamika

    ur feelings r totally acceptable’
    wish u heartly
    ‘best of luck’………
    its the way to achieve the ‘true&happiest life’.

  5. avnish

    thanks to anamika,nidhi didi and insurance for ur valuable comments.
    hoping from ur side effort for spreading this matters.

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