Exeprience of my first workshop : Part III

Experience of my first workshop : Part I

Experience of my first workshop : Part II

DAY 6: On this day all the participants were in discipline, all of them very calm in that manner “MANO KI GYAN KI PRAPTI HO GAYI HO”. In this day topic was “HARMONY IN SOCIETY”. In order to ensure a harmonious society, human goal has to be understood.

1. Right understanding – in every individual
2. Prosperity – in every family
3. Fearlessness (trust) – in society
4. Co-existence – in nature

I could understand human order system, which having five dimensions.

1. Education – SANSKAR
2. Health – SANYAM
3. Production – WORK
4. Justice – SURAKSHA
5. Exchange – STORAGE

WE need to work towards the comprehensive human goal, consisting of samadhan, samirdhi, abhay & sah-astitava to ensure happiness in a holistic way, and not just concentrate on economic development only.

On this day some big observations kept in front of all participants.

1. Nowadays in a village about 30-40% income rains away for alcohol drinking, gutkha, and all these addiction, while 80% children of that village   do not go to school and a very good cause comes in front of us they are very poor so they cannot send their children to schools. This is not a condition of one or two villages, many of the villages are affected by this, and all of these are due to the lack of understanding.

2. In India about 30 % people cannot take food two times due to poverty and for this cause are said to be in India population is very much. But from data it has been observed that the amount of grains which is produced in India every year is about 2.5 times than the grain which is needed for all people. So major cause is not the excess no. of people but it is a problem of lack of proper distribution system.

DAY 7: All were now boring and wishing to go back not for that they were not getting anything, it was due to that they had to start a new life after the going back. On this day I could understand harmony in the nature. Only human order is responsible for problems such as pollution, resource depletion, and extinction of animals, global warming and other threats to human race on earth. Human values are naturally acceptable. Their understanding paves way for universal human order. The right understanding provides a holistic vision for technologies, production system and management models.

DAY 8: It was the day of sharing session, all had to share their views and incidents. I had got the day for speak some thing and when my chance came I also shared my experience. Personally I got many solutions of my problems. Some of them are:

1. About drinking and smoking. In technical institutes it has become a fashion. When the concept about I and BODY was discussed these all was due to excitement.
2. about my love. It was just an attraction towards her not a true love.
3. What I have to do?
4. Some of family problems due to lack of right understanding and trust.

In my view these will not only remove the clash between peoples it will also capable to generate renew ability, preservation of natural balance, catering to real needs. At last I am thankful to prof. G.P.BAGARIA sir, Dr.R.R.GAUR sir, Kumar Sambhav bhaiya, Shyam bhaiya, Abhishek bhaiya, Shantanu bhaiya for their love and affection towards me in the workshop. I am also thankful to all my classmates (professors and lecturers) in the workshop.

Special thanks to my beloved REWA didi for giving a chance to attend such workshop.

With Regards
Avnish Kumar
ISM Dhanbad
JNV Vikram, Patna

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4 thoughts on “Exeprience of my first workshop : Part III

  1. anamika

    ………………so nice avi,
    u have a nice heart in ur inner core.
    sharing ur experiences &dedication,determination &emotions, is inspirable.

  2. nidhi

    well expressed

  3. Daneshwar Prasad Sah

    It’s my deep condolence for the event occured on 5th august 2010 at J.N.V.Madhepura. It was doom for school.

  4. Shivam


    There is something going on behind the curtain? Are you aware of that? In fact the question that a lot of people have on their minds that prof. G.P.BAGARIA won’t be able to answer!!!

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