VE Workshop @ IITK!

Dear Navodayans,

You are kindly invited for Value Education Workshop!

Kindly find the names of the participants for the upcoming workshop on value education from June 9 to 16 appended below. The names have been chosen on first come first served basis and the convenience of the participants. Interested students will be having career counseling program too.

We are sorry to those whom we had to say no for this workshop as the maximum number of participants we can have from Navodaya family in any workshop is 15 (though we are sending 22 names this time, thanks to the organizers).

Let us inform you that after this workshop, another workshop is scheduled at IIIT Hyderabad from July 3 to 10. We will arrange for your stay, food and other amenities during the workshop. We request all Navodayans to Kindly keep sending the names for the forthcoming workshops.

Thank you so much to each one of you.


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One thought on “VE Workshop @ IITK!

  1. very nice..and i really appreciate the contents of the site..

    I have inspired to write a blog for my Navodaya

    let me know about any suggestions and improvement….

    With Regard
    Balram Parmar
    NIT Warangal

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