Success Story of AMU MDS Entrance Topper!

Let’s read a success story of ‘Mohammed Tauseef khan’ in his own words…

“Myself Mohammed Tauseef khan”,

To begin with……………I really sweat when it comes to writing about me. On the persistent insistence of Dr Akbar khan I am just trying ………..

To say in short about my career and life so far, it was a struggle all the way……Born in a lower middle class family who was trying hard to stay in middle class.

Started in govt. primary School in the remotest part of India, district poonch, Jammu and Kashmir india. A Heaven for terrorists and HELL for the people who are trying to make out a living there. Really I don’t remember when the last time, I was outside in the market after 8 pm.

Conditions for studies were not favorable But still I managed to study hard. Thanks to my Father who made my elder brothers able to keep me busy in studies, and inculcate great family values in us.

I was lucky enough to get selected for Navodaya Vidyalaya, studied there from sixth to tenth. Really I consider that as the beginning for me. Because Navodaya was considered to be the best school in our district at that time,but later on militancy has taken its toll on that also.

After high school I came to aligarh and Did my senior secondary from AMU.I Joined B.Sc (Biochemistry) when not selected in first list of pre medical test (PMT)…… I was shaken but stayed calm and focused…left biochemistry after one month only to join BDS in AMU itself as my waiting list got cleared.

I think the best thing I consider about me is that I firmly believe in hard work …..that’s the reason I don’t get disappointed when I get a setback…to name a few….. I got 5th position in J&K PG (MDS) entrance and 4th position in AMU MDS last year when there were only four and three seats respectively.

My parents and friends were going in depression due to my bad luck………but I was optimistic and confident that I will be the first person to get selected if I continued my hard work honestly, and u know what I got first rank this year.

There is one more and important thing I want to thank. The almighty god for giving me a great family and greatest of friends…… parents helped me in tough times and friends in toughest times, and Aditi Mathur is one of my friends worth mentioning here. She was of immense help and inspiration when I was going through the toughest times.

My words to the people who are preparing for competitive examination is that “Stay focused, and do one thing at a time i.e. study when you are studying and enjoy when you are out to enjoy. If you try to mix things, you are going to be in trouble.”

Secondly you have to assess yourself from time to time and remember, assessment should be for good not to get discouraged when you don’t stay up to your expectations as, failure is never final…it is not the end rather it can just be the beginning.

Remember never do anything to please others, keep your crucial decision to yourself because, if you succeed there will be millions of people to share the credit, but if you fail it will be all your fault.

Listen carefully to every advice but follow your own intellect, because it’s only you who is familiar with your strength and limitations.

I always remember the sayings of one of my friends:

“Don’t listen anyone’s advice because no one is so experienced then you about your life so think yourself and do yourself”

Last but not least thing to succeed you have to believe that you can, believe firmly in yourself because it is your will power and self confidence which will finally lead you to the success….

Bottom line is that…….

keep doing your work HONESTLY…. Inshallah one day success will be yours!

Courtesy: Dr. Akbar Khan

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4 thoughts on “Success Story of AMU MDS Entrance Topper!

  1. Siddharth

    Quite inspirational ..!

  2. Nidhi

    Fabulous motivational!!

  3. sarita

    Thats a good way some people have realised
    ~believe in ownself is an unbelievable things for most of the people in the globe~

    Congratulations Dr. Khan, best wishes,


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