A social person has different role to play at different level. He gets recognition how well he is playing his given role. Let’s see our expected role towards different system:

Individual: Everyone is expected to keep one’s own body well maintained. Body should be strong and healthy; mind should be sound and heart pure. How many of us are honest towards the well being of our own body? (Big Hotels serving Pizzas and many others such items, drinks, drugs industries etc are flourishing well. What does it show?)

Family: All are supposed to take of their own family members. Father, mother, sister, brothers and relatives all play a big role in our life and we all expect to take care of them. (Sorry to say this bond is also loosening with time.)

Society: After family, we try to play our role for the welfare of our own society. It may be village. It may be school or etc. So to whom we are coming directly in contact after family forms society for us.

Nation: It is a larger entity. Although it is not visible how nation is affecting our lives, but it plays great role and say it is the most powerful concept in one’s life. A person who has penchant for culture, compassion for humanity and pride for the achievements for his country-men in past and present, and will to correct all discrepancy knows what nation is meant for. (Indian nationalism envisioned the well being of whole world)

As mind becomes more conscious, it tries to take role of higher entity.

Note: The work of Ashram is direct service to nation. For this cause some person has abandon his family role, societal role and devoted his all time and effort only for this purpose. Some need to offer some time leaving personal comfort zone. Some need to give money and resources.

I again reiterate things about the Sewakunj Ashram:

It is situation in Chapki away from urban or rural settlement in the lap of nature in Sonebhadra district, only district of Uttar Pradesh where tribals live. People have to leave in extreme form of poverty. People are also not educated and they all are prone to get misled by naxalism or other anti-national activities.

This Ashram keeps 75 children of these tribals. Students are brought from different villages to cover the whole district.

They have limited resources to live upon and also there is no proper facility for education. Currently each student is kept at the cost of 6-7 rupees a day due to lack of resources. What are our expectations?


Adopt a child, for this you have to contribute Rs. 6000 or Rs. 500 monthly.

Contribute for providing teaching facility:

1. Teacher’s monthly salary: Rs. 12000 (for math and science), Rs. 8000 (for other subject).

2. Contribute in other form (computers, lab instruments, projectors, books, copies, pens etc.)

3. Visit Ashram at least once. (Spending some days here would be beneficial for Ashram and enlightening for you)

Finally: Contribute generously.


Shanta Kumar
IIT Mumbai

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