JNV guy made an eco friendly car!

A class XI science department student of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya at Rabong in South Sikkim has made a design of an eco-friendly vehicle which works on the principle of electromagnetic induction magnetism (EMIM).

Seventeen-year-old Deepak Gupta developed the design to prevent emission of harmful gases.

“I worked hard for four years for the design which is eco-friendly because instead of emitting harmful gases, the car produces nothing,” he told PTI.

Explaining his design, he said that the design has one system in the gear. “By pressing the buttons of the vehicle, one can increase or decrease the speed of the vehicle. With the help of the batteries, we start the dynamo which shall charge the electromagnetic induction motor which gives energy to the vehicle,” he said.

Gupta was assisted by his physics teacher in the project and he is now preparing to rate his designs at the driving technology competitions to be held in Brazil, USA, China.

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Varun Kumar

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5 thoughts on “JNV guy made an eco friendly car!

  1. arvind from jnv madhubani

    really yaar , jnv rocks…

  2. hari govind bhatt

    congrats! brother…..

  3. smita kapadekar

    this is very great news…

  4. Ankit t.

    Congrats gupta. Just keep on working & rocking on.

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