A rally to support JAN LOKPAL BILL headed by navodayans in patna!

A rally to support JAN LOKPAL BILL headed by navodayans in patna on Sunday!

The 2011 India anti-corruption movement is ongoing demonstrations and protests occurring in India intended to establish a strong and independent legislation against endemic corruption. The main aim is to clean up corruption in many departments of Indian government through a law called “JAN LOKPAL BILL”.
Anna Hazare and team have been waging a non-violent peaceful struggle towards getting JAN LOKPA…L (CIVIL OMBUDSMAN) in India. Govt. agreed to their demands in April and then again went back on promises. Govt. has detained Anna jee, most senior leaders and other leaders of the movement (INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION). We all Indians are really upset with this dictatorial approach and not allowing free speech and freedom of peaceful assembly protest.

To show our support and protest against this undemocratic move of Indian Govt., an anti-corruption rally and march has been planned in Patna, from Kargil chowk, Gandhi maidan on August 28 to demand enactment of a law to set up an effective anti-corruption body called JAN LOKPAL.
We request you all who are living in Patna or nearby Patna to participate in this rally and give a moral support to Anna Hazare team.

If you have any query or require any additional information or if you simply want to get involved more actively, please do contact on these numbers.
Neeraj kumar (09386888371) jnv katihar
Avnish kumar (09386653027) jnv Patna
Prashant kumar(09801016634) jnv Samstipur

Avnish Tondon

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