Buck up Navodayans…!!!

Dear Navodayans,

Request you all to get registered on this All India JNVians website http://www.jnvalumni.com/register.php fast.

As ever, we are going to organize some activities in different regions soon. We would love to have your participation on all fronts. We need your expertise to make the activities successful. Listening to your ideas and plans bubbling with energy is our pleasure. And working with you reminds us of our grand old days!

You probably know that great things are shaped by simple and small things. So think and act upon, as someone has rightly said “a small good deed is better than the grandest good intention”. So the time has come to come together and strengthen each other. We believe there are countless ways to serve the society and there are lots of ways you can get involved in…So let’s all explore the countless ways, by countless people, in countless societies. Let’s join hands together to serve the society…!!

That for me summed up the whole motivational movement in a nutshell. Doing something, no matter how insignificant or how small it is, is the first step to gaining success in anything, rather than merely thinking, pondering or intending to do it! Somebody once said: –

“You can get anything you want if you just help other people to get what they want!”

I just shared my thoughts with my loving sister Shweta. When thoughts get into rhythm, nature gifts us with matching voices. Shweta further beautified this message with words and gave it a shape of a poem which is quoted below:

Come on, join hands as it is
Time to rewind the grand old days,
With new energy and enthusiasm
And refreshing charming new ways

We want to listen to
Your plans and ideas bubbling
And you can always tell us about
Something good or even troubling

Great things are shaped by
Steps simple and small
And to make a great deal occur,
We need participation of you all

Together we would bring on
Fun, activities and serious talk
We promise to hold your hand
And be with you In life’s every walk

And we are sure you would do the same
After all we strengthen each other
So let’s join hands and put in efforts
To move the association further

Together we can serve the society
In whatever way we deem fit
Linking the small steps together
And walk hand in hand without conflict

We should stand up and act now
As gone past the time to think
And we have the ability and will
To create magic in a blink

~Shweta Sharma~

JNV Jojawar,
Pali, Rajasthan


Buck up Navodayans…!!! Let’s have the grit to make it work…!!


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