For Mukta Di…

(Ek chhoti si kosis di ke antim aehsas ko or unke jajbat ko likhne ki)

Mai jinda rhungi tb tk
Jb tk hai meri kahaniya
Ab tk sans le rahi hai
Mujhse juri hr nisaniye

Mai moun Ho gai to kya
Mere hr alfaz jinda hai
Mere aankho me jo kaid hokr reh gai
Wo khawab jinda hai
Meri dhadkano ki hr dhimi hoti gai chikh me
Meri mohbat ka aehsas jinda hai

Meri bachpan ki saitaniyo me ji rahi hu main
Maa ke loriyo or kahaniyo me ji rahi hu main
Papa ke sng ki mnmaniyo me ji rahi hu main
Hr aurat ki kurbaniyo me ji rahi hu mai

Mai jinda rhungi tb tk
Jb tk hai meri kahaniya
Ab tk sans le rahi hai
Mujhse juri hr nisaniye
By(Avantika Pallavi, JNV Katihar)

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Haar Nahi Manungi…. RIP MUKTA!


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Rest in Peace, Lt. Ummer Fayaz, a fellow Navodayan from JNV Anantanag (2005-12)!

The young, unarmed army officer was kidnapped by terrorists from a family wedding last night and killed in Kashmir.

The 22-year-old Lieutenant of the Rajputana Rifle was commissioned just five months back in December. As memoirs of batchmates go he was one of the finest students in his batch, jolly and sporty. At the academy, he was part of NDA’s Hockey Team and was adored by his comrades.

The officer, a Kashmiri, son of an apple farmer, was on leave and had gone for his cousin’s wedding at his village in Kulgam where he was abducted by three terrorists and later his body was found with bullet shots in head and abdomen.

As a Navodayn I can understand what your journey to NDA have been, especially as a Kashmiri, You shall always remain the role model Navodaya Vidyalaya and National Defence Academy creates.


We join all fellow countrymen in mourning your loss and I pray your parents and family are taken care of.

For more, click on link : Killing of young Kashmiri officer an act of cowardice

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Badtameez dil mane na, mane na!

Dil ki koi guirantee nahi hai, jo cheez tumhare paas hai uski keemat tab tak nahi samaj me aati jab tak wo cheez kho nahi jaati hai, aur jo cheez tumhare paas nahi hai, dil toh usikeliye tadapta hai!

Jab navoday mein tha tab azaadi ki baarish me bheeg ne ke liye man bechain tha, laga tha kab waha se bahar niklunga, navoday ek sone ke pinjre jaisa lagne laga tha, lekin ab jaake waha se bahar nikla toh uski keemat samaj me aayi, toh navoday mein bitaye haseen pallo ke liye dil tadapne laga. kabhi kabhi sochta hu ki kaash mai phir wohi chota 6th ka ladka hota aur phir se mere muh bola ghar laut jaata, phir se wohi navodayan ki life jeeta, kaash mai apni azaadi navodaya ke naam kar ke waha ke surakshit vatavaran me laut jaata! Kaash mai navoday vaapas jaa pata, kaash mai navoday vaapas jaa pata! isileye toh maine kaha, man ki koi gurantee nahi hai:-D

Try kitna kiya ki morning pt, class aur study pe late na ho, Time pe notes, asignment, project submit karneke ummede kitne kiye, Control kitna kiya apne aap ko, ki exam time pe novel na padhu, Koshishe kitne kiye ladkiyoon ke chakkar me na padne ki, Sirf yehi nahi bahut se cheeze thi jinhe khud me rookna tha! Par kya karu, . . . . . . . . . . . . . .





Badtameez dil mane na, mane na…..!

Bharath R. Shet

JNV Mangalore

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Dr. B N Singh sir is no more!


I have received a very bad news from our Ali sir (Principal at JNV Murshidabad) this evening.

We have lost one of the best teacher we had ever met!! I am shocked to hear about the untimely demise of our beloved sir Dr. B N Singh(Ex Principal of JNVK and presently posted at JNV Sahibganj) who has been a true source of inspiration for JNV students and the entire JNV family. He expired on Monday of Cardiac arrest at the school while performing his duty.

In JNV life, we never saw a simple person more enthusiastic and passionate about something he does. He was a real gentleman and supporter to everyone. He was such a humble person who always thought more of others and so focused on serving others.

This is indeed a tragic loss for all those students who had the wonderful opportunity of being guided by him. The infectious zeal with which sir has taught so many of us continues to energize us. We always felt so proud to be your student, and the way of life you taught shall be our guiding torch forever.

May your soul rest in peace. We will miss you a lot sir, but your words will always be there for motivation. We pray god for giving enough strength to his family member to bear this loss.


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मैंने भी यहाँ ज़िन्दगी के सबसे हशीन लम्हों को बिताया है!

Although it’s copied from somewhere but I find it worth so I am posting it here. I don’t remember from where I copied it.

मैंने भी यहाँ ज़िन्दगी के सबसे हशीन लम्हों को बिताया है,

मैंने भी यहाँ की मेस के ट्रकों को पलटाया है,

मैंने भी यहाँ इंग्लिश में जी भर के मार खाई है,

कभी यहाँ मैंने, भी गणित में डांट पायी है,

मार खा के यहाँ मेरे भी कभी पड़े छाले थे,

मैंने भी कभी यहाँ यूनिट टेस्टों में अंडे उबाले थे,

मैंने भी कभी बैठकर खिल्लियाँ उड़ाई थीं,

सीनियरों के हाथों से मैंने भी मार खाई थी,

कभी कभी मैंने भी जूनियर्स को सताया था,

हॉउस मास्टर के हाथों से उसका परिणाम भी पाया था,

दीवारें मेरे लिए भी कभी इतनी ऊंची नहीं थी,

की मेरी छलांग उनके पार पहुची नहीं थी,

मैंने भी पीछे के खेतों की फसलों को भारी नुकसान पहुचाया था,

मैंने भी सीताफलों का कभी भरपूर आनंद उठाया था,

बेर हों, चने हों, या मटर, मैंने सब को वहां खूब पाया,

टीचर्स के केले हों या प्रिंसिपल का अमरुद, मैंने जी भर के खाया।

मगर फिर भी सच कहूं, ये जगह मुझे अपने घर से आज भी प्यारी है,

जहाँ मैंने दुःख सुख, से भरी अपनी सबसे हशीन ज़िन्दगी गुज़ारी है।

मैंने भी यहाँ ज़िन्दगी के सबसे हशीन लम्हों को बिताया है!

JNV Latehar, Jharkhand.

JNV Latehar, Jharkhand.


Prabhat Kumar Ravi
JNV Latehar, Jharkhand.

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Buck up Navodayans…!!!

Dear Navodayans,

Request you all to get registered on this All India JNVians website fast.

As ever, we are going to organize some activities in different regions soon. We would love to have your participation on all fronts. We need your expertise to make the activities successful. Listening to your ideas and plans bubbling with energy is our pleasure. And working with you reminds us of our grand old days!

You probably know that great things are shaped by simple and small things. So think and act upon, as someone has rightly said “a small good deed is better than the grandest good intention”. So the time has come to come together and strengthen each other. We believe there are countless ways to serve the society and there are lots of ways you can get involved in…So let’s all explore the countless ways, by countless people, in countless societies. Let’s join hands together to serve the society…!!

That for me summed up the whole motivational movement in a nutshell. Doing something, no matter how insignificant or how small it is, is the first step to gaining success in anything, rather than merely thinking, pondering or intending to do it! Somebody once said: –

“You can get anything you want if you just help other people to get what they want!”

I just shared my thoughts with my loving sister Shweta. When thoughts get into rhythm, nature gifts us with matching voices. Shweta further beautified this message with words and gave it a shape of a poem which is quoted below:

Come on, join hands as it is
Time to rewind the grand old days,
With new energy and enthusiasm
And refreshing charming new ways

We want to listen to
Your plans and ideas bubbling
And you can always tell us about
Something good or even troubling

Great things are shaped by
Steps simple and small
And to make a great deal occur,
We need participation of you all

Together we would bring on
Fun, activities and serious talk
We promise to hold your hand
And be with you In life’s every walk

And we are sure you would do the same
After all we strengthen each other
So let’s join hands and put in efforts
To move the association further

Together we can serve the society
In whatever way we deem fit
Linking the small steps together
And walk hand in hand without conflict

We should stand up and act now
As gone past the time to think
And we have the ability and will
To create magic in a blink

~Shweta Sharma~

JNV Jojawar,
Pali, Rajasthan


Buck up Navodayans…!!! Let’s have the grit to make it work…!!


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Get-Together@JNV Katihar on 30th-31st December 2012!!!

Dear Friends,
Finally, the wait is over! The forthcoming alumni “Get-Together@JNV Katihar, Bihar” is going to be held on 30th and 31st of December 2012!!!

Kindly click on the link and confirm your participation by putting your name for get-together. Note that please use the below link for confirmation of your name or mail us on given id. We won’t take name if you are putting/confirming here on FB, we apologize for that. And if you have any queries, please post your message/comment on the post or send us an e-mail to

Please click on the below link to give your confirmation:

Please get register on by clicking the link.

Wait and watch this space for more… 

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Silver Jubilee Celebration@JNV Nandla, Rajasthan

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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The Ex-Principal of JNV Katihar, R K Kaushal sir is no more with us!

Dear All,

Death is inevitable, and whether willingly or unwillingly, everyone will enter the grave.

The ex-Principal of JNV Katihar, R K Kaushal sir is no more alive now. He was suffering from liver problem and expired just day before yesterday on 5th of July 2012. No word is enough to express the sorrow and grief.

May God rest his soul in peace and give strength to his family to bear this immense loss.


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