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We are re- blogging about AINAA.

What is AINAA?

AINAA- All India Navodaya Alumni Association, is a platform to encourage efforts aimed at “giving back” to society, navodaya and humanity by the members of Navodaya family. We promote all such endeavours which strengthen the family bond, knotted by the AINAA members bringing the alumni, teachers and students under one “umbrella“.

Every individual has some idea to do good for the society. Listening to them and if found useful, helping individuals to enterprise is one of our aims. AINAA promotes yoga, creativity, value education, use of teaching aids in education, conducting workshops to train teachers and support students etc. To provide access to resources, we follow the concept of globalized teaching whose major task includes connecting all the students to all the teachers and alumni of navodaya so that talented teachers and alumni can help all needy students. AINAA gives the platform to the students where they can look for solutions to their problems and seek career guidance or roadmaps for their future planning.

There are so many persons who have recently worked for the association with strength and wisdom. Suffice it to say that the growth of our association has been the work of many loving, caring navodaya alumni. We have grown from a small group representing a true national level association with a wonderful representation from all the regions of our country and abroad. When I think of the growth of the association, I am really impressed. Of course this has all become true because of the devoted and long-lasting efforts of many alumni who gave their precious time to thrive and fulfill its early mission.

It would not be feasible and appropriate place to name those wonderful people who have helped and are still helping AINAA grow what it is today, but I would like to mention one name here. Shri Rama Rao sir was the Joint Director of academics (NVS, Delhi) at that time when we presented our idea- “give back to Navodaya” back in 2003. After listening to the proposal, he just said “I was waiting for you people only…Welcome back!!!” and this was the beginning of our role in navodaya vidyalayas. One very eye-opening statement was given by him in our Kanpur meeting – “I don’t feel proud of the number of IITians and IAS we produce, I am proud of those only who can live for others!

Serving others is “our Culture”, caring for others is in “our Nerves” and living for others is “our Mission!”

On behalf of AINAA, I would like to express gratitude to all those who guided and nurtured us, directly or indirectly, during this gestation period and with whom we plan to take our society into a new future.

Hami Navodaya hon…!!!



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