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We are re- blogging about AINAA.

What is AINAA?

AINAA- All India Navodaya Alumni Association, is a platform to encourage efforts aimed at “giving back” to society, navodaya and humanity by the members of Navodaya family. We promote all such endeavours which strengthen the family bond, knotted by the AINAA members bringing the alumni, teachers and students under one “umbrella“.

Every individual has some idea to do good for the society. Listening to them and if found useful, helping individuals to enterprise is one of our aims. AINAA promotes yoga, creativity, value education, use of teaching aids in education, conducting workshops to train teachers and support students etc. To provide access to resources, we follow the concept of globalized teaching whose major task includes connecting all the students to all the teachers and alumni of navodaya so that talented teachers and alumni can help all needy students. AINAA gives the platform to the students where they can look for solutions to their problems and seek career guidance or roadmaps for their future planning.

There are so many persons who have recently worked for the association with strength and wisdom. Suffice it to say that the growth of our association has been the work of many loving, caring navodaya alumni. We have grown from a small group representing a true national level association with a wonderful representation from all the regions of our country and abroad. When I think of the growth of the association, I am really impressed. Of course this has all become true because of the devoted and long-lasting efforts of many alumni who gave their precious time to thrive and fulfill its early mission.

It would not be feasible and appropriate place to name those wonderful people who have helped and are still helping AINAA grow what it is today, but I would like to mention one name here. Shri Rama Rao sir was the Joint Director of academics (NVS, Delhi) at that time when we presented our idea- “give back to Navodaya” back in 2003. After listening to the proposal, he just said “I was waiting for you people only…Welcome back!!!” and this was the beginning of our role in navodaya vidyalayas. One very eye-opening statement was given by him in our Kanpur meeting – “I don’t feel proud of the number of IITians and IAS we produce, I am proud of those only who can live for others!

Serving others is “our Culture”, caring for others is in “our Nerves” and living for others is “our Mission!”

On behalf of AINAA, I would like to express gratitude to all those who guided and nurtured us, directly or indirectly, during this gestation period and with whom we plan to take our society into a new future.

Hami Navodaya hon…!!!



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A salute goes to JNV…

Really.. the days which I have spent in JNV, are no words to define it… that 7 years of JNV has played a very important role in my life.. to made my personality. I am very thankful to my teachers who has taught me how can we live in any adverse situation, the respect towards elders and loving towards younger. Really a salute goes 🙏to JnV.. miss my JNV family..each and every moment. Thanks again to all My JNV families. For every cooperation…

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Renuka Singh

JNV Barun, Bihar

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Kathak Dance Training in JNV Rae Bareili

A film on the Kathak dance training in JNV Raebareli, Uttar Pradesh.

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A social person has different role to play at different level. He gets recognition how well he is playing his given role. Let’s see our expected role towards different system:

Individual: Everyone is expected to keep one’s own body well maintained. Body should be strong and healthy; mind should be sound and heart pure. How many of us are honest towards the well being of our own body? (Big Hotels serving Pizzas and many others such items, drinks, drugs industries etc are flourishing well. What does it show?)

Family: All are supposed to take of their own family members. Father, mother, sister, brothers and relatives all play a big role in our life and we all expect to take care of them. (Sorry to say this bond is also loosening with time.)

Society: After family, we try to play our role for the welfare of our own society. It may be village. It may be school or etc. So to whom we are coming directly in contact after family forms society for us.

Nation: It is a larger entity. Although it is not visible how nation is affecting our lives, but it plays great role and say it is the most powerful concept in one’s life. A person who has penchant for culture, compassion for humanity and pride for the achievements for his country-men in past and present, and will to correct all discrepancy knows what nation is meant for. (Indian nationalism envisioned the well being of whole world)

As mind becomes more conscious, it tries to take role of higher entity.

Note: The work of Ashram is direct service to nation. For this cause some person has abandon his family role, societal role and devoted his all time and effort only for this purpose. Some need to offer some time leaving personal comfort zone. Some need to give money and resources.

I again reiterate things about the Sewakunj Ashram:

It is situation in Chapki away from urban or rural settlement in the lap of nature in Sonebhadra district, only district of Uttar Pradesh where tribals live. People have to leave in extreme form of poverty. People are also not educated and they all are prone to get misled by naxalism or other anti-national activities.

This Ashram keeps 75 children of these tribals. Students are brought from different villages to cover the whole district.

They have limited resources to live upon and also there is no proper facility for education. Currently each student is kept at the cost of 6-7 rupees a day due to lack of resources. What are our expectations?


Adopt a child, for this you have to contribute Rs. 6000 or Rs. 500 monthly.

Contribute for providing teaching facility:

1. Teacher’s monthly salary: Rs. 12000 (for math and science), Rs. 8000 (for other subject).

2. Contribute in other form (computers, lab instruments, projectors, books, copies, pens etc.)

3. Visit Ashram at least once. (Spending some days here would be beneficial for Ashram and enlightening for you)

Finally: Contribute generously.


Shanta Kumar
IIT Mumbai

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VE Workshop @ IITK!

Dear Navodayans,

You are kindly invited for Value Education Workshop!

Kindly find the names of the participants for the upcoming workshop on value education from June 9 to 16 appended below. The names have been chosen on first come first served basis and the convenience of the participants. Interested students will be having career counseling program too.

We are sorry to those whom we had to say no for this workshop as the maximum number of participants we can have from Navodaya family in any workshop is 15 (though we are sending 22 names this time, thanks to the organizers).

Let us inform you that after this workshop, another workshop is scheduled at IIIT Hyderabad from July 3 to 10. We will arrange for your stay, food and other amenities during the workshop. We request all Navodayans to Kindly keep sending the names for the forthcoming workshops.

Thank you so much to each one of you.


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When we feel trust on everyone then we become happy, but when the feelings of mistrust comes then we feel fear. Whenever we talk about ourselves we think on the basis of competence while when we talk about others then we think on the basis of ability.

Here I m giving some assertions plz check on yourself which of them are right for you.


(1a) I want to make myself happy.

(2a) I want to make others happy.

(3a) others want to make themselves happy.

(4a) others want to make me happy.

WHAT IS THE ANSWER? Generally when we verify then we get that the top three are generally acceptable but people always confuse about forth question.


(1b) I am able to make myself happy.

(2b) I am able to make the other always happy.

(3b) the other is able to make himself always happy.

(4b) the other is able to make me always happy.

WHAT IS THE ANSWER??? Most of people totally confuse about all these questions.

The first four questions to our natural acceptance (INTENTION) and the next four to our COMPETENCE. (YOGYATA). It is very important to differentiate between INTENTION and COMPETENCE.


– The intention is always correct only competence is lacking.

– We generally evaluate ourselves on the basis our intention and others on the basis of their competence.

– If we have trust on intention, we have a feeling of being related to other and we start helping to others to improve his competence, if he does not have.

– If we do not have trust on intention, we have a feeling of opposing the other which ultimately leads to fighting, struggle and war.


Plz put your views here.

Avnish Kumar
JNV Bikram, Patna

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Exeprience of my first workshop : Part III

Experience of my first workshop : Part I

Experience of my first workshop : Part II

DAY 6: On this day all the participants were in discipline, all of them very calm in that manner “MANO KI GYAN KI PRAPTI HO GAYI HO”. In this day topic was “HARMONY IN SOCIETY”. In order to ensure a harmonious society, human goal has to be understood.

1. Right understanding – in every individual
2. Prosperity – in every family
3. Fearlessness (trust) – in society
4. Co-existence – in nature

I could understand human order system, which having five dimensions.

1. Education – SANSKAR
2. Health – SANYAM
3. Production – WORK
4. Justice – SURAKSHA
5. Exchange – STORAGE

WE need to work towards the comprehensive human goal, consisting of samadhan, samirdhi, abhay & sah-astitava to ensure happiness in a holistic way, and not just concentrate on economic development only.

On this day some big observations kept in front of all participants.

1. Nowadays in a village about 30-40% income rains away for alcohol drinking, gutkha, and all these addiction, while 80% children of that village   do not go to school and a very good cause comes in front of us they are very poor so they cannot send their children to schools. This is not a condition of one or two villages, many of the villages are affected by this, and all of these are due to the lack of understanding.

2. In India about 30 % people cannot take food two times due to poverty and for this cause are said to be in India population is very much. But from data it has been observed that the amount of grains which is produced in India every year is about 2.5 times than the grain which is needed for all people. So major cause is not the excess no. of people but it is a problem of lack of proper distribution system.

DAY 7: All were now boring and wishing to go back not for that they were not getting anything, it was due to that they had to start a new life after the going back. On this day I could understand harmony in the nature. Only human order is responsible for problems such as pollution, resource depletion, and extinction of animals, global warming and other threats to human race on earth. Human values are naturally acceptable. Their understanding paves way for universal human order. The right understanding provides a holistic vision for technologies, production system and management models.

DAY 8: It was the day of sharing session, all had to share their views and incidents. I had got the day for speak some thing and when my chance came I also shared my experience. Personally I got many solutions of my problems. Some of them are:

1. About drinking and smoking. In technical institutes it has become a fashion. When the concept about I and BODY was discussed these all was due to excitement.
2. about my love. It was just an attraction towards her not a true love.
3. What I have to do?
4. Some of family problems due to lack of right understanding and trust.

In my view these will not only remove the clash between peoples it will also capable to generate renew ability, preservation of natural balance, catering to real needs. At last I am thankful to prof. G.P.BAGARIA sir, Dr.R.R.GAUR sir, Kumar Sambhav bhaiya, Shyam bhaiya, Abhishek bhaiya, Shantanu bhaiya for their love and affection towards me in the workshop. I am also thankful to all my classmates (professors and lecturers) in the workshop.

Special thanks to my beloved REWA didi for giving a chance to attend such workshop.

With Regards
Avnish Kumar
ISM Dhanbad
JNV Vikram, Patna

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Exeprience of my first workshop : Part II

….When I reached at workshop place then I was amazed that so many IITians are involved for this work and they are doing all type of work which is understood a low quality work for an IITian.

After this, a great shocking thing came in my way, I had thought that in workshop all the people will be of my age, but this workshop was for professors and lecturers op UP colleges, so due to age gap I thought that how i will communicate with them. But in inauguration ceremony, when Dr. R. R. Gaur sir (ex-faculty of IITD), most respected prof. G.P. Bagaria sir (alumnus of IITK) told about the subject matter, then my interest suddenly awake and I m totally prepared for that. During all these my bhaiya (kumar Sambhav, IITK) was telling time to time about this, so, my confusion was not totally but in some extent washed out.

NOW, I am going to share my experience what I could understand in those eight days day by day.

DAY 1: on the first day I could understand about the workshop objective and methodology. Understanding of ethical human conduct necessary for happiness in life. What to make me satisfied? Must be understood. It is free from any dogma or value prescriptions and totally process of self-investigation and self-exploration.

DAY 2: I could understand about need of VE (value education).what to do and how to do ‘FOR HAPPINESS’ and the complementarily between the two.

Process of VE is self -exploration, self-investigation and experientially verifiable. I became able to understand about myself and happiness.

HAPPINESS: The state or situation, i live in if there is harmony /synergy in it, I like to be in that situation.

self (I)-OVER EVALUATION creates EGO
the bottom two go cycle to cycle.

DAY 3: I have been able to differentiate I and BODY.I having activities like desire, thought and selection which are continuous, while body having activities like eating, walking which are discontinuous. All the participants totally confused and different types of questions were arising in all of mind. The basic requirements for fulfillment of the basic aspirations of every human being are: 1. right understanding 2. Relationship & 3. Physical facilities.

Today’s prevailing notion about prosperity-
* maximization of physical facilities, think that is it good notion?

DAY 4: most valuable day of workshop which clarified the concept about self (I). Harmony in myself results by the REALISATION and UNDERSTANDING. This leads to definiteness of DESIRE, THOUGHT & SELECTION. First two are parts of SHIKSHA while the last three are parts of SANSKAR. Sources of desire may be PRE-CONDITIONING (MANYATA), SENSATION OR SELF-VERIFICATION. I could also understand about ‘SANYAM’.
SANYAM- feeling of responsibility in self (I) of nurturing, protection & right utilization of body so that this instrument can be used for the purpose for which it is meant.

Need of physical facility is limited in quantity.

DAY5: in past four days so many confusions, discussion, questions like a small kid people arise in the workshop. But I had still very calm, because I was the younger one in the workshop people always watching on me may be my stitched mouth be open. In the break time one of them asked me why I do not speak anything. I did not reacted .it was the day of washing out of all confusions from every mind. Subject matter was about FAMILY (natural laboratory and learning ground).family is the foundation of society, and provides the basis of continuity of human tradition on the earth. Some feelings in relationship are present and these are definite. Once the feeling are recognised, fulfilled and rightly evaluated, it leads to mutual happiness, that is to say, both are happy.

1. Trust (vishwas)-foundation value in all relationships.
2. Respect (samman)-right evaluation
3. Affection (sneh)-the feeling of acceptance of the other as one’s relative.
4. Care (mamta)-the feeling of responsibility of nurturing and protecting the other as myself.
5. Guidance (vatsalya) -the feeling of ensuring right understanding in the other.
6. Reverence (shraddha) – the feeling of acceptance for the excellence.
7. Glory (gaurava) – the feeling for those who have made effort for excellence.
8. Gratitude (kritagyata) – the feeling of acceptance for those who have made effort for my excellence.
9. Love (prem) – the comprehensive value. The feeling of being related to all, to every unit in existence, the entire existence.

I could understand that all the feelings are already within me and all of them-understanding only makes us aware and once we are aware of it, there is continuity of these feelings and we are able to fulfill them.

In intention, every human being wants to do what is right: only the competence may be lacking which needs to be developed through proper understanding & practice. Every human being has natural acceptance for expanding up to world family through this feeling of love, but due to lack of understanding of relationship, one is not able to ensure a relationship of mutual fulfillment with one’s family members…..contd.

Avnish Kumar
ISM, Dhanbad
JNV Vikram, Patna

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Exeprience of my first workshop : Part I

Developing the right understanding about one-self and the rest of reality through self – exploration and realization of the inherent, co-existence, harmony & self-regulation at various levels in existence is seen to be the real basis for imbibing universal human values and ethical human conduct.

This topic is about all of us and draws attention to various fundamental aspects concerning human life and human presents a set of proposals so that we may start exploring our own self and our experience of living.

Objectives of this forum:

1. transfer of something for appreciate the essential complementarily between ‘values’ & ‘skills’ to ensure sustained happiness and prosperity which are the core aspirations of all human beings.

2. to develop a holistic prospective among human beings towards life and profession as well as towards happiness &prosperity based on a correct understanding of the human reality and rest of existence.

3. to highlight plausible implications of such a holistic understanding in terms of etical human conduct,trustful and mutually fulfilling human behaviour and mutually enriching interaction with nature.

On self investigation we find out that we want to be in harmony at all levels of our living;

* harmony in myself 9resulting in happiness & a feeling of prosperity)
* harmony in family(resulting in mutual fulfillment in relationship and prosperity in the family)
* harmony in society (resulting in a trustful,undivided ,universal society)
* harmony in nature(resulting in being in harmony with nature,understanding the inherent co-existence)

We have traversed a long way from the times of warring tribes and the fair of natural elements.while we have made tremendous advancements and innovations,the question still remains -ARE WE SATISFIED WITH THE STATE OF AFFAIRS TODAY? on looking into this issue ,it becomes evident taht we are still faced with serious problems at various levels. At the human level ,we can see that there continue to be issues in individuals with respect to lack of clarity on life goals,contradictions and stress, while at the level of human relationships in the family we see problems in mutual understanding ,increasing mistrust,insecurity & generation gap. Further at the level of human relationships in society we see increasing communal conflict, exploitation & strife, terrorism and violence in various forms.

Where then lies solution? What exactly is a miss? This is an important question intriguing the human mind today. I MYSELF ALSO THOUGHT FOR SAME BUT AFTER ATEENDING ‘JEEVAN VIDYA WORKSHOP’ MOST OF THE SOLUTIONS AND ALTERNATIVES CAME INFRONT OF ME.AND I WANT TO SHARE MY EXPERIENCE TO ALL OF U.i have spent my eight days (4th feb 2010 to 11 feb 2010) in workshop.

My didi (Rewa) had told me that you should attend this workshop, then in my mind i had no doubt about this, what is this and for me what is its value?but before leaving my college for this workshop some problems had to face from my beloved friends.

When my friends asked me where you are going for this long time then i told them taht i am going to attend  a workshop in kanpur named as ‘JEEAVN VIDYA’,they intially make all fun and told that it also like ‘YES PLUS’ which was going on in my college in those days, and they said taht you are going for taking away the ‘MOH-MAYA’ so “MUKTI”. because in IITs such type of incidents regularly happened but I was totally committed for this so i have left my college…..contd.

Avnish Kumar
ISM Dhanbad.
JNV Vikram, Patna

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