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फ़ैसले की घड़ी!

WhatsApp Image 2020-04-08 at 12.12.01 AMफूंक दी ख़ुद की हस्ती को,
सब ओर अंधेरा कर डाला,
सबकुछ पाने की लालच में,
ख़ुद को ही मैला कर डाला;

कभी ये मांगा, कभी वो चाहा,
कभी छीन लिया कुछ अनचाहा,
सपने, हसरत, इक्छाओं के,
जंजाल में ख़ुद को यूं बांधा;

अंत तक निचोड़ लिया,
हर अंग को मरोड़ दिया,
अनगिनत लिप्साओं के लिए,
धरती का सीना कोड़ दिया;

धरती मां के सीने में हमने,
कितने खंजर घोंप दिए,
फ़िर अपने सारे पापों को,
उनके आंचल में पोंछ दिए;

वो चीखी भी, चिल्लाई भी,
पर एक ना उनकी चलने दी,
अपने तमस की चिंगारी में,
सारी धरती यूं जलने दी;

वो ममतामयी भी क्या करती,
हर जुल्म हमारे सहती रही,
पापों का कब घड़ा भरे,
इस आस में चुप सी बैठी रही;

लो आज घड़ा भर आया है,
अब पाप चरम पर छाया है,
धरती मां के आंखों में अब,
एक ख़ून उतर सा आया है;

अब धरती ने हुंकारा है,
जाने कैसा ये नज़ारा है,
कहीं आगजनी, कहीं तूफ़ा है,
कहीं बाढ़ तो, कहीं पे सूखा है;

मानव मानव को लील रहा,
ये कैसी प्रलय की घटना है,
हर वक़्त यही सब सोच रहे,
कब, कैसे, मुझको बचना है;

मातम बिखरा हर ओर यहां,
भारी विपदा घिर आई है,
सन्नाटा हर पल चीख रहा,
अब मानवता थर्राई है;

हम जितना चाहे भाग लें अब,
चाहे ख़ुद को कितना बांध लें अब,
पैरों से धरती खींचेगी,
फ़िर ख़ुद में सबको भींचेगी।।

श्वेता सिंह
JNV Katihar.

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Rest in Peace, Lt. Ummer Fayaz, a fellow Navodayan from JNV Anantanag (2005-12)!

The young, unarmed army officer was kidnapped by terrorists from a family wedding last night and killed in Kashmir.

The 22-year-old Lieutenant of the Rajputana Rifle was commissioned just five months back in December. As memoirs of batchmates go he was one of the finest students in his batch, jolly and sporty. At the academy, he was part of NDA’s Hockey Team and was adored by his comrades.

The officer, a Kashmiri, son of an apple farmer, was on leave and had gone for his cousin’s wedding at his village in Kulgam where he was abducted by three terrorists and later his body was found with bullet shots in head and abdomen.

As a Navodayn I can understand what your journey to NDA have been, especially as a Kashmiri, You shall always remain the role model Navodaya Vidyalaya and National Defence Academy creates.


We join all fellow countrymen in mourning your loss and I pray your parents and family are taken care of.

For more, click on link : Killing of young Kashmiri officer an act of cowardice

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The Ex-Principal of JNV Katihar, R K Kaushal sir is no more with us!

Dear All,

Death is inevitable, and whether willingly or unwillingly, everyone will enter the grave.

The ex-Principal of JNV Katihar, R K Kaushal sir is no more alive now. He was suffering from liver problem and expired just day before yesterday on 5th of July 2012. No word is enough to express the sorrow and grief.

May God rest his soul in peace and give strength to his family to bear this immense loss.


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Losing those ‘golden’ people is hard!

I am so depressed by the news of death one after another.  When I received this bad news from Naina on my mobile in evening, I couldn’t quite believe and called to confirm with our Ali sir. He said: it hurts to hear but it’s true. Then I just received this e-mail from Abhishek which I am putting here. This is really sad and a great loss indeed to all of us.

You may kindly click on the links to read:

The great Principal and Motivator, Iqbal Ahmad sir is no more!!!

We have lost a loving brother Kundan forever!

A Tribute to B.K.Jaiswal Sir!

A letter to Almighty from JNV Katihar Family!


May their souls rest in Peace….!

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