AINAA Motivators: Learn and Teach – Session 1

Dear All,

In the series of the AINAA Motivators: Learn and Teach, we share the pearls of wisdom from our Alumni Sumit Baranwal. Sumit is from JNV Gopalganj and Darbhanga, and he did his MSc (integrates) from IIT Kanpur. Currently he is working as a Unit Head in Analytics.

Sumit is someone you go to when you think life is tough, and you are drowning. Not only this guy is great at boosting morals and to help you get some perspective, he does it with smile and with patience. You would hardly find him frowning. Insider info? He laughs on his own jokes. Since he is so beloved, we don’t judge him for that. Please watch the video to get your dose of positivity and motivation.

You could also send your suggestions to us, and we will be happy to receive them. We would like to do the best thing possible from our side for the progress of our JNV family.

Your suggestions and feedback are welcome at (

Shweta Sharma

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