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3 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Kate Rose

    Dear friends at JNV schools,
    I am a teacher from Birmingham, England and I had the pleasure of visiting JNV Paota in February of 2007. I had a wonderful time and the memories of children and staff have stayed with me ever since. I am trying to get in contact with some teachers from JNV Paota but I have recently moved house and lost addresses. Please could you help me with an email address for the school? I would be so grateful! I have just been working with a group of Year 6 children who have written some letters to JNV Paota students and I would love to send them too. Hope you can help!
    Kind regards,

    Kate Rose

  2. Yogendra Dabas

    hi Kate Rose,
    there is address of jnv paota:
    Distt. Jaipur
    you can also find directory of JNVs at:

    thanx n regards
    Yogendra Dabas

  3. always have green tree in ur heart ,singing bird will surly come

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