Please enroll yourself!

Dear All,

Greetings from AINAA!

No matter where you’re at in your career, learning something new can only help you, in bridging the gap between “knowing” and “doing” so that you can put the skills you learn into practice.

Interested person can enroll yourself by filling the form below into the box. Please mention your name and mobile number.  In case you want to suggest anything, please feel free to write us. We will try to get back to you.



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AINAA Motivators: Learn and Teach – Session 2

Dear All,

Gour is an alumnus of JNV Katihar, Science College, and IIT Kanpur. He has been a member of AINNA for a very long time now. His sincerity, zeal to learn and teach, and the commitment for betterment make him stand out. He is an organised and focused individual who never fails to impress and inspire. Gour has played an integral part in the career counselling chapters for AINAA right from the beginning, and he is not someone who leaves a project half way through.


While this video is targeted for the high school students, I am sure it is going to be helpful for everyone. Hear him talk about how online classes can make you optimize your potential and opportunities. Your suggestions and feedback are welcome at

Please click on the link below, Please like, subscribe, and press the bell icon! Aur comment me batayein aap humse aur kya sunna chahte hain! 🙂

Shweta Sharma

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AINAA Motivators: Learn and Teach – Session 1

Dear All,

In the series of the AINAA Motivators: Learn and Teach, we share the pearls of wisdom from our Alumni Sumit Baranwal. Sumit is from JNV Gopalganj and Darbhanga, and he did his MSc (integrates) from IIT Kanpur. Currently he is working as a Unit Head in Analytics.

Sumit is someone you go to when you think life is tough, and you are drowning. Not only this guy is great at boosting morals and to help you get some perspective, he does it with smile and with patience. You would hardly find him frowning. Insider info? He laughs on his own jokes. Since he is so beloved, we don’t judge him for that. Please watch the video to get your dose of positivity and motivation.

You could also send your suggestions to us, and we will be happy to receive them. We would like to do the best thing possible from our side for the progress of our JNV family.

Your suggestions and feedback are welcome at (

Shweta Sharma

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AINAA : Consistent learning, an essence of life!

Dear all,

AINAA has always been working for the bright future of JNV students because nothing brings more joy than watching the ones we love to learn, grow, and flourish. Many of the alumni are working continuously in this direction. While we must experience few things first hand and we will make our own mistakes, there are some mistakes we don’t need to make because our elders have walked through that path and paved the way for us. Academics or otherwise, we have a plethora of experience between the alumni network. And we believe that sharing of this knowledge and experience will be extremely helpful not just to the current students but for many among the alumni as well. Life is not just about the tangible things we achieve, it is so much more than the wealth and the position we achieve. A meaningful life is one where the happiness and prosperity trickled down to others as well.

With this view, we plan to share the success, struggle, and motivational quotient to all of you. From time to time, we will share the stories of our alumni who are thrilled to share this with us. Along with this we also plan to share the science classes on Zoom (for class 10th) and class recordings for Physics, Chemistry and Maths (for class 11th). Also, we have WhatsApp groups for specific subjects where students can directly ask their queries to the alumni.

If you have suggestions, or you want to give input on the content please let us know via email: or WhatsApp. Keep watching this space and walk with us through the progress of our beloved Alma Mater.

Shweta Sharma,


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कोरोना: एक भय!

अश्क़ है ये,
आपसे फरमाता है।
श्रमिक-बंधुओं की ,
देख, दुर्दशा पछताता है।।

द्वंद है, या विष?
मन सोच सोच अकुलाता है।
लाकॅडाउन, के विस्तृत रूप मात्र से,
ही मन विचलित हो जाता है।।

समाधान यही है बस,
इसलिए, हर पग पथ पर बढ़ता जाता है।
कोरोना के बढ़ते कहर देख,
हर साँस भी भयभीत हो जाता है।।

संपूर्ण विश्व नतमस्तक पड़ा है,
भारत शान्तिदूत बन खड़ा हैं।
उनकी अपेक्षाओं स्वरूप,
स्वंय पीङित हो,
अपना हाथ बढ़ाता है।।


JNV Kolasi Katihar

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घृणित हिंसा-कोरोना!

कोरोना को हथियार बना कर ,
चीन ने ये जंग छेङी है ।
द्वितीय विश्व युद्ध से भी बङा,
जनमानस को जलती दाह मे ढकेली है।

भारत अपनी राह पे निरंतर,
दृढ़-संयम से डट कर खङी है।
हर एक कतरा सिर पर उठा कर,
पग-पग पर खुद से लङ रही है।

किसने तुमको हक दिया ये,
इस महामारी को फैलाने को ।
ऋणी हो तुम इस मातृभूमि के,
और सहयोग दिया तुमने,
औरौ के जंग को फैलाने को।

आखिर, किस हद तक पङे हो तुम,
इस हिंसा को फैलाने को ।।

——–प्रेरणा —–‐—-

JNV Kolasi Katihar, Bihar

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We are re- blogging about AINAA.

What is AINAA?

AINAA- All India Navodaya Alumni Association, is a platform to encourage efforts aimed at “giving back” to society, navodaya and humanity by the members of Navodaya family. We promote all such endeavours which strengthen the family bond, knotted by the AINAA members bringing the alumni, teachers and students under one “umbrella“.

Every individual has some idea to do good for the society. Listening to them and if found useful, helping individuals to enterprise is one of our aims. AINAA promotes yoga, creativity, value education, use of teaching aids in education, conducting workshops to train teachers and support students etc. To provide access to resources, we follow the concept of globalized teaching whose major task includes connecting all the students to all the teachers and alumni of navodaya so that talented teachers and alumni can help all needy students. AINAA gives the platform to the students where they can look for solutions to their problems and seek career guidance or roadmaps for their future planning.

There are so many persons who have recently worked for the association with strength and wisdom. Suffice it to say that the growth of our association has been the work of many loving, caring navodaya alumni. We have grown from a small group representing a true national level association with a wonderful representation from all the regions of our country and abroad. When I think of the growth of the association, I am really impressed. Of course this has all become true because of the devoted and long-lasting efforts of many alumni who gave their precious time to thrive and fulfill its early mission.

It would not be feasible and appropriate place to name those wonderful people who have helped and are still helping AINAA grow what it is today, but I would like to mention one name here. Shri Rama Rao sir was the Joint Director of academics (NVS, Delhi) at that time when we presented our idea- “give back to Navodaya” back in 2003. After listening to the proposal, he just said “I was waiting for you people only…Welcome back!!!” and this was the beginning of our role in navodaya vidyalayas. One very eye-opening statement was given by him in our Kanpur meeting – “I don’t feel proud of the number of IITians and IAS we produce, I am proud of those only who can live for others!

Serving others is “our Culture”, caring for others is in “our Nerves” and living for others is “our Mission!”

On behalf of AINAA, I would like to express gratitude to all those who guided and nurtured us, directly or indirectly, during this gestation period and with whom we plan to take our society into a new future.

Hami Navodaya hon…!!!



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फ़ैसले की घड़ी!

WhatsApp Image 2020-04-08 at 12.12.01 AMफूंक दी ख़ुद की हस्ती को,
सब ओर अंधेरा कर डाला,
सबकुछ पाने की लालच में,
ख़ुद को ही मैला कर डाला;

कभी ये मांगा, कभी वो चाहा,
कभी छीन लिया कुछ अनचाहा,
सपने, हसरत, इक्छाओं के,
जंजाल में ख़ुद को यूं बांधा;

अंत तक निचोड़ लिया,
हर अंग को मरोड़ दिया,
अनगिनत लिप्साओं के लिए,
धरती का सीना कोड़ दिया;

धरती मां के सीने में हमने,
कितने खंजर घोंप दिए,
फ़िर अपने सारे पापों को,
उनके आंचल में पोंछ दिए;

वो चीखी भी, चिल्लाई भी,
पर एक ना उनकी चलने दी,
अपने तमस की चिंगारी में,
सारी धरती यूं जलने दी;

वो ममतामयी भी क्या करती,
हर जुल्म हमारे सहती रही,
पापों का कब घड़ा भरे,
इस आस में चुप सी बैठी रही;

लो आज घड़ा भर आया है,
अब पाप चरम पर छाया है,
धरती मां के आंखों में अब,
एक ख़ून उतर सा आया है;

अब धरती ने हुंकारा है,
जाने कैसा ये नज़ारा है,
कहीं आगजनी, कहीं तूफ़ा है,
कहीं बाढ़ तो, कहीं पे सूखा है;

मानव मानव को लील रहा,
ये कैसी प्रलय की घटना है,
हर वक़्त यही सब सोच रहे,
कब, कैसे, मुझको बचना है;

मातम बिखरा हर ओर यहां,
भारी विपदा घिर आई है,
सन्नाटा हर पल चीख रहा,
अब मानवता थर्राई है;

हम जितना चाहे भाग लें अब,
चाहे ख़ुद को कितना बांध लें अब,
पैरों से धरती खींचेगी,
फ़िर ख़ुद में सबको भींचेगी।।

श्वेता सिंह
JNV Katihar.

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Please Donate for Shadan Nashi!

Dear All,

Our younger Brother Shadan, JNV Kishanganj, Bihar Class 9th, needs help. He has been diagnosed with Bone tumour and is being treated for the same.  The approximated cost is 1 Lakh and we aim to raise the amount to support him and his family.

Present Situation:

Shadan is currently admitted and treated at Shanti multi-speciality hospital.  Where he has to undergo an urgent surgery on 26th Feb. He is already undergoing operation now.

  • Diagnosis: Giant Cell Tumour of Left Fibula
  • Treatment Planned: Wide Excision & Biceps Tendon Reinsertion
  • Approximated cost: Rs 95,000 (We aim to Raise 1 Lakh)

Family and other background:

Shadan Nashi, A brilliant boy of class 9th JNV Kishanganj. His father is a farmer and only earner of the family living in a village called Kaanta Tappu.  Even being from a weaker financial family, his name wasn’t found under any government run program as verified.

A help at this moment is critical as it will help making his condition stable. Every such donation, big or small, will count to improving his current medical condition and future challenges.  We request all of you to donate generously for him.

We have verified the case and Our Coordinator Mr Kanchan (JNV Kishanganj/Purnea) is in continuous contact with the family and can be contacted +91-7600915968 (Preferred message only unless urgent).

We need to approach all the alumni groups for financial help at an urgent basis. We are open to receive the contribution from all the coroners. No donation is small when it is done with a big heart. Any amount you can donate would be greatly appreciated!

Details for Funds collection :

You may donate online or through our many other ways like through Paytm # 9619500732. We have made it easy to help in ways that work for you.

For contribution, the account details are:

Name: Rajkishor Rajak

SBI A/c: 10426086232

SBI Branch Code: 11672


SBI Branch Name: Link Road, Mulund Branch, Mumbai

Email id:

Mobile Number: 9619500732


Note: Please update by email/call/sms once any amount is transferred, if possible. We will publish details of all such transactions as we have been doing so far.



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दर्द माँजता है!!

On behalf of AINAA, we congratulate Ranvijay bhaiya for his book “Dard Maanjta hai”!

‘दर्द मांजता है’ एक कथा संग्रह है! इस संग्रह में लगभग समाज का हर चेहरा मौजूद है। ‘मेरे भगवान’ में सामाजिक मूल्यों का विकास है, वंशी लाल जैसा भोला चरित्र है, वहीं ‘छ्द्म’ में रंजीत दत्त के छल , खल की पराकाष्ठा है। लातूर भूकम्प के भयावह विभीषिका के दर्द के बीच मे विश्वास और प्रेम का नन्हा बीज उगता है, ‘दर्द माँजता है’ में, परन्तु ‘एक तेरा ही साथ’ मे नायक के विश्वास का हनन हो जाता है और ततपश्चात प्रेम की उदारता और उदात्त स्वरूप दिखता है। ‘वंचित’ का नायक अपने ऐश और मौज के लिए जो व्यूह रचता है, उस मे वो अपने को स्वयं फंसा हुआ पाता है। ‘परिस्थितियां’ त्रासदी में उपजती कठिनाइयों और मानवीय क्षमताओं के बीच संघर्ष और संयोजन की कहानी है।‘ट्रेन, बस और लड़की’ का इंतज़ार नही करना चाहिए, क्यों कि एक जाती है तो दूसरी आती है, आत्म सन्तुष्टि के इसी दर्शन को ये कहानी साकार करती है। सरकारी व्यवस्था में व्याप्त चापलूसी, अकर्मण्यता तथा नियोजित भ्रष्टाचार का चित्रण है ‘राजकाज ‘में। ‘कागज़ी इंसाफ’ नियमों, कानूनों की अव्यवहारिकताओं तथा व्यवस्था पर प्रश्न उठाती और दर्द उकेरती है।गांव में ज़मीन हड़पने के दाँव -पेंच, बिखरते मूल्यों के बीच घटित एक बर्फ सा ठंडा और मीठे ज़हर का बदला है ‘प्रतिशोध’में।

dard maanjta hai

You may read about author here:

रणविजय का जन्म अप्रैल, 1977 में फैज़ाबाद,उत्तर प्रदेश के एक गांव में हुआ।बचपन गांव की अमराइयों और हरे लहलहाते खेतों के बीच बीता। मेधा के धनी रणविजय जवाहर नवोदय विद्यालय में पढ़ने के लिये चयनित हुए और उन्होंने स्कूल टॉप किया।cbse बोर्ड द्वारा उन्हें गणित में मेरिट सर्टिफिकेट प्रदान किया गया।1994- 1998  तक नैनीताल की खूबसूरत तराइयों में अवस्थित पन्त नगर विश्वविद्यालय से B Tech किया। वे विश्वविद्यालय की साहित्यिक और रचनात्मक गतिविधियों में अग्रणी रूप से सक्रिय रहे।1999 की भारतीय इंजीनियरी सेवा , uppcs, तथा 2001 की भारतीय सिविल सेवा में चयनित हुए।उन्होंने प्रशासनिक सेवाओं की परीक्षा में हिंदी साहित्य एक वैकल्पिक विषय के रूप में चुना।

उन्होंने भारत सरकार , रेल मंत्रालय के विभिन्न मण्डलों, शहरों में  कार्य किया है। उनको  रेल परिचालन, यातायात योजना, आधारभूत परियोजनाओं, निर्माण, अनुसन्धान इत्यादि क्षेत्रों का ब्यापक अनुभव है। वे वर्तमान में RDSO लखनऊ में निदेशक पद पर कार्य कर रहे हैं। उनकी अब तक विभिन्न पत्र पत्रिकाओं में कहानी, कविता की फुटकर रचनाएं प्रकाशित हो चुकी हैं। उनकी कहानियों में प्रेमचंद,निर्मल वर्मा और मोहन राकेश जैसे लेखकों का समावेश दिखेगा।कुछ कहानियां कई स्तरों पर एक साथ चलती हैं और कई कथाओं की संश्लिष्ट रचना लगती हैं। कई जगह कहानी विधा में नए प्रयोग दिखेंगे। किसी किसी कहानी का अंत आपको चेखव की कहानियों की तरह चौंका देगा। लेखक,   के नाम से फ़ेसबुक, इंस्टाग्राम, ट्विटर पर उपलब्ध है।

Note: You may buy this book online from Amazon

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