Once upon a time JNV Basti was famous for its good conduct and performance of the students in every field (Games, Projects, cultural/activities, resuts in board exams) at the Regional & National level but nowadays the performance is not so good & Genius/Talented students are thinking to go outside after 10th standard to join the correspondence course for their better future but this type trend demotivate the remaining students.

1.The first thing I observed in JNV Basti system that discipline is not so well as earlier.

2.One more point we should mind that there are more than 50 students whose one or more family members had studied from the same school and got the benefit of the system. So if they become active to think to boost up the discipline it will be better because nowadays they are an Alumni as well as Guardian. They can play major role to boost up the discipline.

We are very happy to organize the Get-Together at JNV Basti. The JNV staffs were very happy to see their pupils developing & growing in professional field and appreciated the attitude to payback for JNV Family. They cooperated us on every verge to do our activities/programmes in spite of they were busy/tired due to JANMASTMI & Independence Day’s activities.

As it was just an initiative to do Get-Together, So there were some pit-falls & we will try to do better in near future with the help of JNV Family & AINNA.

The coordinators of Get-Together are as follows:

1: Veer Pratap Singh jnv basti 1998

2: Raj Bahadur jnv basti 2000

3: Pawan Chaturvedi jnv basti 2002

4: Noor Mohammed jnv basti 2004

We are very grateful to following members from IIT-Kanpur who came on their own expenses & joined the Get-Together held at jnv basti on 15th & 16th Aug 09:

1. Anil Muthineni- JNV Nalgonda

2. Kanchan Kumar Rajan –JNV Kishanganj

3. Vikash Kumar – JNV Mujaffarpur

4. Manish Mishra- JNV Amarkantak

5. Ritesh Mohanty –JNV Cuttak

6. Vikash Munda – JNV Ranchi

7. Lakhan Singh – JNV Alwar

There are some more names who guide & supported on every moment. They are as follows:

1: Rewa Smriti jnv katihar

2: Bablo Kumar jnv Madhubani

3: Vinay Kumar jnv Basti

This Get-Together is surely be fruitful for jnv family. Yesterday more than 12 jnvians get-together in delhi & they are happy to do this.

Raj bahadur

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