IIT Result from Navodaya!!

Below is the list of successful candidates in IIT JEE from Navodaya family. It is important to note that all these students cleared JEE without joining any coaching classes.

Kindly find the IIT Result from Navodaya, Ranchi. Mr. P.K sharma, chemistry teacher, has provided me this list. I am very thankful to P.K sharma Sir (JNV, Ranchi) for sending me the news!

The list of successful students from Navodaya, Ranchi :

1. Amreah kumar shukla – 8233 (GE)
2. Urvasi kumari – 1521(GE)
3. Daneshwar prashad shah – 5306(GE) – 766(OBC)
4. Kundan kumar – 952(GE) – 105 (OBC)
5. Vikas kumar – 706 (SC)
6. Babloo kumar – 482 (SC)
7. Sonu ram mohan – 437 (ST)
8. Lusku besara – 134 (ST)
9. Ramdev kumar – 7155(GE) 1091(OBC)
10. Rajan kumar – 7640(GE) 1178 (OBC)
11. Mithilesh kumar rajak – 1260(SC)

Here’s the list of successful students from JNV Katihar sent by A K Trivedi sir:

1. Sahebsarul – 7476
2. Anand Kumar – 1218
3. Vishal Singh – 266
4. Jitender Kumar- 1676
5. Sumit Kumar – 2094

The list of Selected Student from JNV Bikaner, Rajasthan sent bye Vijaypal Bishnoi(IITB) :

1. Ram Kumar(AIR-around 600)
2. Prakash Dara(AIR -around 1900)
3. Harish (AIR -around 7300)

The list of selected students of JNV Madhepura sent by Jyotsna(IIMA) :

1. Daneshwar (AIR-around 753)
2. Abhay (AIR-around 1100)

The list of selected students of JNV Madhubani sent by Umesh (IIMA)

1. Anjali (AIR-around 1261)

Waiting for more names to add here….

Let’s cheer up the academic achievement of navodaya family 🙂

Hats off to JNVians.

JNV Begusarai

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45 thoughts on “IIT Result from Navodaya!!

  1. congrates guys.

    its a gr8 job bye the navodaya students….hope this list get more name….

  2. ranjeet

    hay its our strenth…………
    we r the best…….
    among all school and college

  3. Let us celebrate the success and hard work of our students and Teachers!

    Congrats to everyone of Navodaya family for the success of our navodaya brothers and sisters!


  4. By the way, Thank you so much Anupam for sharing this news with us 🙂

  5. Congrats….! to all the Navodayaiits for this great acheivement….!
    Contacts: +91-9844580305
    E-mail : jansahyogfoundation@gmail.com

  6. Dr Anita Tilwari

    Dear ,
    Its really a grate feeling for all of us.
    Lets keep this journey as a mountain.
    Good luck

  7. Satish

    hey thats looks very good, congrats guys, special congrats for there parents and teachers.

  8. Raj

    many congrats,….
    best of luck … 🙂

  9. Abhishek Ranjan

    congrates to all the juniors who achieved this feet
    11 is really a great no for one Navodaya in an year 🙂

  10. Piyush

    Saab ko Badhai Ho !!!!

  11. Nidhi


  12. rajesh kumar

    badhi ho all successfull student of jnv in iit jee

  13. Sanjeev Kaushik

    Congrat. all students… Thanks Rewa for info….

  14. congrate to all who get success in iit and thank to mentor

  15. Mritunjay kumar

    hip hip hurrey ! congrats all navodayan’s nd our teacher’s best effort.
    jnv giridih pass out
    mba delhi

  16. Satish

    congrats for all

  17. Vinay


  18. This is great! Now the Navodayan started setting the trend.
    Now you can come across a Navodian wherever you go!
    List of Selected Student from JNV Bikaner Rajasthan
    1.Ram Kumar(AIR-around 600)
    2.Prakash Dara(AIR -around 1900)
    3.Harish (AIR -around 7300)

    I have information about only these students as of now.Will update the list when I will receive further information.

    Hami Navodaya ho!

  19. santosh dwivedi

    congrats friends…………….ALL MUST B WELL.

  20. Pankaj

    Hi Guys,

    Congratulation to every one…..keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. ashutosh from madhubani........

    we all navodayans proud of u aal guys.. keep it on…….

    • vinay

      aap ko bhi badhai ho bhaiya ,u r no lesser than an iitian……..aakhir aap bhi to nitian ho.

  22. I congrate, u for this web site, please ask the ex students to place their profile on this web.

  23. I congrate, u for this web site.

  24. please prepare data base of the ex students

  25. tarun

    thanks rewa di n anupam bhaiya……..sharing such great achievement by my friendsss

  26. avnish

    congratulations our future iitians.

  27. arvind from jnv madhubani

    great yaar…………..

    increase the length of list..

    sky is the limit

  28. Ajit Barnwal

    hats off for the teachers and younger frnds for such an achievement lets do something so that other navodayas also come out with such an achievement!!

    thanx to Rewa di, Anupam bhaiya and others for providing us such touching news regularly[:)]

  29. anand

    Very nice job

  30. vikash kumar

    it’s pleasure to know that so many navodians has qualified in JEE 2010.credit goes to their best effort & labour & good support by the teachers…..

    congrats u all & hope u all will do more better in life……….

    thanks to rewa samriti for bringing the news for us & for doing such a great work…..

  31. Suriaprakash M

    congrats to all…

  32. Roshan

    Congrates to all navodayan bhaiya who qualifies in IIT.

  33. Congrates to all navodayan bhaiya who qualifies in iit.

  34. D pande

    Congrats 2 these students belong from rural background 4 this achievement without coaching. D pande j tgt maths nv nainital

  35. D pande

    One neeraj matiali last year student from jnv nainital got rank under100

  36. D pande

    One neeraj matiali last year student from jnv nainital got rank under100 in iit

  37. rajnikant

    we proud to be navodayan.

  38. dr. vikas kumar

    it’s immense pleasure to know that so many get through IIT 2010.
    congrates to all of u 4 grand success.

    keep it up buddies

  39. rajeev ranjan

    this is our strenth

  40. geeta rangwal


  41. nitin lama

    navodaya …….yah we r different

  42. sharangouda 10th @ begusarai migrated from gulbarga (kar)

    still am not settle.i served ECIL for 10years but still i am not regularise.plz help me.

  43. sharangouda 10th @ begusarai migrated from gulbarga (kar)

    i am proud to be navodayan.i worked as engineer in Electronics Corporation Of India Limited Hyderabad for 10years.and i worked in Electronic Voting Machine division of ECIL.I participated all general elections held througt out india from 2002 to 2010.and i am awarded with appreciation certificate from District Collectors for technical support.but still am not repulerise.so am very depressed that what can i do?

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